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About Family Drugs

Family Drugs is a collaborative effort between Sam Pura (The Panda Studios) and Jihad Rabah (Twelve Gauge Records), combining Sam's passion for audio engineering and Jihad's interest in supporting unique ventures.

This is an outlet to record and release music from artists we are both passionate about. There are no boundaries or limits, just art and expression.


Self Defense Family

Self Defense Family, originally End Of A Year Self Defense Family, is a New York post-hardcore outfit that has released a dozen EPs and LPs on labels from all over the world including their recent Island Series on Deathwish recorded in Jamaica and Iceland. It's hard to predict what this band is usually up to, but it's easy to be impressed by their creativity and sound.

No Sir

No sir is a band
They are from California
Enjoy the loud noise


Family Drugs 002: Self Defense Family 'The Corrections Officer In Me' EP

Family Drugs 001: No Sir 'Holy Land' EP